Milli Sitting Phone Booth

The Milli Single Person Sitting Phone Booth isn't available to purchase online as we recommend that they be installed by the manufacturers own fitter to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained. If you are interested in the Milli Single Person Standing Phone Booth then please email us for more information, a full quotation (including quantity discounts if ordering more than 3 units) and a copy of our delivery & installation questionnaire.
£6,848.40  Inc VAT

A minimalist approach to the workspace acoustic booth, equipped with everything you need and nothing you don’t to focus on work.  Milli is a purpose-built sitting acoustic booth for a quick in-and-out private conversation or a short exclusive personal session.

The collection is lined with an effective acoustic solution to provide an undisturbed and productive workspace environment.

• Sizes available:
    - Exterior: 2005mm High x 1200mm Wide x 825mm Deep
    - Interior: 1812mm High x 1070mm Wide x 716mm Deep
• Weight - 235kg
• The LED lights are installed in the ceiling panel and are activated by motion-sensor when entering the booth. They turn off automatically after a set time interval of inaction. The time interval can be set to 15, 45, 300, 900 seconds.
• For small distance relocation, Milli can be moved with built-in castors
• Standard Milli comes with a door handle without locks
• Laminated glass which prevents the glass panels from shattering for users safety.
• Milli provides a limited 5 year warranty on structure and 2 year warranty on all electrical and / or expendable parts such as fan, power outlets, power cable etc
• Eco-innovative Polyester (PET) Acoustics Panels installed in all Milli's models
• SCS Global Services Recycled Content Certified PET interior uses a minimum 50% post-consumer recycled polyester
staple fibre content.
• Recycled bottle content 272 (500ml bottles)

• 2 IN ventilation fans and 1 OUT ventilation vent
• Airflow 30.8 (m3/h)
• Acoustics NIC rating 27dB (Based on ASTM E596-96 standard)
• 2 AC power outlets
• 2 USB charging ports
• 1 CAT-6 port

• Grace Stool
• Milli Sofa
• Custom designed UV-C light powered by Philips TUV PL-L 36W that delivers 99.9% sterilisation rate in 5 minutes

depending on finish & options
(we can sometimes get these quicker if needed, please contact us for schedules)

  • Model: MILLI-SIT

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