Hoozone Greet Pod with Front Wall Glazed

£17,049.60  Inc VAT

Meet in comfort with the Hoozone Greet Pod with Front Wall Glazed, equipped with integrated deluxe backed seating and a 25mm thick MFC desktop. Featuring a central glazed swing door, facilities arch housing the PIR operated LED strip lighting and air circulation systems, and an integrated ceiling cover.

• Sizes available:
    - 2100mm High x 2200mm Wide x 1000mm Deep
    - 2100mm High x 2200mm Wide x 1400mm Deep
• Upholstered panels are 55mm thick with sound absorbing foam faces
• Glazed panels are 55mm thick with 22mm clear toughened double glazed units
• Ceiling panels are 52mm thick upholstered on both sides with light grey fabric
• Integrated aluminium facilities arch included as standard housing lighting system
• Hinged doors are 6mm clear single glazed toughened glass
• Integrated deluxe seats included with removable seat pads
• Integrated white 25mm MFC desktop included at 746mm FFL
• Pods are acoustically tested to BSEN ISO 140 and have a rating of 36dB
• Lighting system is PIR operated, high output – low voltage, diffused, dual LED strips
• All glazed panels and doors are supplied with double row of 50mm diameter opal frosted spots.
• Usable door opening is 729mm
• Internal pod height from floor to ceiling panel is 2059mm
• Hinged doors supplied with double sided pull handle, magnetic closures and silicone rubber seals
• Upholstered and glazed panels can be mixed on each wall
• Various framework colour finishes available
• Where applicable intergrated white 25mm MFC desktop is supplied at 746mm high FFL
• Pod front walls are always glazed with a door and shown as pod width
• Pods can be manufactured to any millimetre height, width or depth allowing full adaptability

• Power options
• TV bracket
• Air circulation fan
• Manifestation options

The Hoozone Greeting and Meeting Pods are made to order and can be self assembled, however if you would like us to arrange installation (additional cost) then please contact us.


  • Model: HZ-1WG-GREET

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