Folio Office Stand Up Phone Booth

The Folio Office Stand Up Phone Booth isn't available to purchase online as we recommend that they be installed by the manufacturers own fitter to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained. If you are interested in the Folio Office Stand Up Phone Booth then please email us for more information, a full quotation (including quantity discounts if ordering more than 3 units) and a copy of our delivery & installation questionnaire.
£5,844.00  Inc VAT

Busy environments can be chaotic, interruptive and frustrating, with less focus resulting in poor productivity and creativity. Within our Folio Phone Booth, we offer retreat, comfort and well-being within an ergonomic cocoon of tranquillity. The occupant focuses on the task at hand, delivering the required results with minimum interruption. Our phone booths are built to the highest standards and finished to perfection, delivered flat-packed and can be assembled in an hour and a half.

• Sizes available:
    - Exterior: 210mm High x 1100mm Wide x 900mm Deep
    - Interior: 1960mm High x 1000mm Wide x 800mm Deep
• Minimum ceiling height for setting up a booth is 250 - 300mm
• Weight - 224kg (pod furniture)
• Dimmable Directional Task Strip Light
• Energy Saving Motion Sensor Control
• UK Fire foam where required
• A low-noise air system via multi-channel air ducts allows minimum noise disturbance inside and out
• The PIR sensor will help save on power, automatically turning off after 5mins of not being occupied
• Levelling legs and castors for flexibility and movement
• The Folio Stand Up Phone Booth comes with task desk, task light and optional counter stool
• Can be assembled in 1.5hrs

• STC 30dB (±5dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s) Daiki Verified
• Main Daylight LED *4000k(150Lx)
• UL/CE 220-240v power socket
• USB x 2, USB-C x 1
• Ventilation - Singular Turbo Fan, Highly efficient airflow at 184m³/h (max) refreshing air every 40 seconds

• Recycled materials approx ≥180kg (12m²/0.66m³)
• Carbon Footprint ≤0.071kg CO2e
• Energy Consumption ≤0.4MJ

NORMAL DELIVERY LEAD TIME APPROX 7 - 10 WORKING DAYS (depending on finish and stock availability)


All our phone booths are built and finished to the highest standards. Our products are delivered flat-packed and can be assembled in an hour. The Folio Stand Up comes complete with a counter stool, task desk, and task light, all ergonomically designed to enhance your comfort and productivity during laptop work, phone calls, and video conferences.

The Folio Stand Up Phone Booth boasts industry-leading soundproofing with an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 30dB (±5dB). This means it effectively blocks out external noise, ensuring your conversations and work remain confidential. With an RT (Reverberation Time) of 0.25s (±0.1s), you'll experience clear and crisp audio quality. Daiki verification guarantees the highest acoustic performance.

The Folio Stand Up is built using cutting-edge materials, including carbon composite and honeycomb panels, which not only provide exceptional soundproofing but also reduce the environmental impact. These materials have a carbon footprint of just ≤0.071kg CO2e, contributing to a more sustainable future.

The glass used in the stand up phone booth is akin to that found in high-speed trains, ensuring durability and safety. With a low energy consumption of ≤0.4MJ, you can rely on the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the materials that are used.