Hush Acoustic Open Small Meeting Pod

The Hush Acoustic Open Small Meeting Pod isn't available to purchase online as we recommend that they be installed by the manufacturers own fitter to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained. If you are interested in the Hush Acoustic Open Small Meeting Pod then please email us for more information, a full quotation (including quantity discounts if ordering more than 3 units) and a copy of our delivery & installation questionnaire.
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The Hush Meet Acoustic Open Small Office Pod is designed for informal meetings in the for users, and ergonomic sofas ensure comfort during office. It is the independent space, ideal for conversations  longer meetings. Hush Meet Open promotes creativity in small teams. The semi-open form is more affordable and openness to new ideas.

Open office noise is the volume of blaring TV (~70 dB). Hushoffice pods take this noise and convert into 36dB: a decibel level as peaceful as the sound of singing birds.


• Sizes available:
    - 2300mm High x 2150mm Wide x 900mm Deep
• Finished in melamine-faced honeycomb board
• Two Upholstered Benches
• Upholstered Acoustic lined internal panels
• Compact Desk
• Power Module - single power and double USB Block
• Led ceiling light run by motion sensor
• Integral carpeted floor
• Levelling feet
• Option to hang TV screen on central panel
• Possible to move without disassembly
• Anti Virus Coating - All frequently touched surfaces are covered with a thin nano-photocatalyst coating, which prevents the development of viruses and other microbes

For use in:
• Offices
• Education facilities
• Break-out areas
• Public spaces
• Atriums
• Foyers

Every Hush Pod provides an excellent user experience, from design and ergonomics the closed Hush Pods give an unbelievable sense of privacy with use of high quality acoustic materials.



Transmission of viruses and other microbes occurs between people by direct or indirect contact with an infected person. The infection is acquired through droplet transmission, through contact with saliva and secretions of a sick person, when they cough, sneeze or speak. The infection may also occur when you have direct contact with a surface, which is contaminated with infected secretions and move them to your lips, eyes, or mucous membranes of the nose.


Fast exchange of air in Hush booths allows you to feel safe and comfortable.

The complete exchange of air occurs in as little as 1.5 minutes for hushPhone and 2.5 minutes for hushMeet.  The air is quickly replaced with the fresh one. It is also recommended to wait a few minutes after the last user has left the booth.  The ventilation system continues to run for 5 more minutes, and this is a time that is long enough to replace the air with the fresh one.


All frequently touched surfaces in the Hush booths have been covered with a thin nano-photocatalyst coating, which prevents the development of viruses and other microbes. The surface is virtually sterile. Thanks to its properties, it also improves the quality of the air in the booth to a certain extent.

  • Model: HUS-BX-011